With Griffin & Frankie

What makes a sales rep ELITE? Griffin Reilly and Frankie Vignone, both seasoned Enterprise sellers, are on a mission to interview the top 1% of Enterprise B2B Technology sellers and discover the characteristics, skills, and processes required to get there. Join them as they interview sales leaders from tech giants including Snowflake, Zoom, & Seismic and uncover key takeaways you can leverage to become ELITE.


“When sharing a customer story, people connect with human beings not companies, so you need a relatable character that has similar DNA as your prospect.”

Ravi Rajani

Founder at Ravi Rajani Consulting

“Every successful salesperson I know has figured out 1) how to set goals & 2) how to measure their progress relative to those goals.”

Michael Hughes

Chief Commercial & Revenue Officer at ChargePoint

“Elite reps know that there are going to be peaks & valleys throughout the year, but Elite sellers are always prepared and stay consistent.”

Dave Demink

Head of Sales, SMB VAST at Zoom

“Elite sellers are very aware of their inputs and outputs so they can reflect and continuously achieve their goals.”

Scott Shillington

Corporate Vice President, Global Priority Accounts at AMD

“Elite sellers elevate to business level pain, so executive buyers pay attention and take action.”

Jill Brown

Vice President of Sales, North America at

“Elite sellers always understand their prospects’ business objectives, strategies, and key initiatives. Then, they align their prospects’ required capabilities to the solution they’re selling.”

Mark Tefakis

VP Global Sales Enablement & Performance at

“It’s good to personalize, but at the end of the day people care what’s relevant to their company, not if I like football.”

Toby Carrington

EVP of Global Operations at Seismic

“Elite Sellers execute a process out of their own ingenuity, drive for success, and they’re always looking for ways to improve on their own.”

Greg Moore

Director of Sales Effectiveness at Snowflake

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Griffin and Frankie, both Strategic Account Executives @, initially bonded over their passion for strategic sales, personal development, and inspiring others to strive for greatness. Every day, they’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with the industry’s top sales leaders about data-driven sales coaching. Their goal is to 1) provide guests with a platform to share their unique expertise and 2) provide their listeners with unique insights they can leverage to become ELITE sales leaders.